A smartphone, a tablet, a powerbank ... Every day you charge batteries of at least several electronic devices. Each of them has a separate cable and a separate charger with a USB port. If you want to connect them all to a power socket, it suddenly turns out that you need more and more power strips and extension cords. The whole operation has only one effect – a mess. You can avoid this and make your life easier by purchasing a universal CHARGE TOWER wall charger by Extreme Media. The product will allow you to charge up to four devices at the same time!


A universal CHARGE TOWER wall charger is the convenience you need. Is the power socket low and near the floor? It happens that wanting to connect your smartphone to charge, you have to put it on the ground at home or in the office. It is neither comfortable nor safe. CHARGE TOWER has a long power cord, so you can choose its location yourself. Moreover, the product includes protection against surge and circuit overload, ensuring stable and safe operation. This system eliminates the risk of damage to the device being charged. The charger also has an intelligent chip that adjusts the current to the connected device and ensures optimal charging current.