About Us


The NATEC Extreme Media brand was established in 2010 and since the beginning it has been focused on creating solutions that allow our users to more fully utilise their free time, optimise their working time and enjoy life in the company of the latest technology achievements. Our products are primarily accessories for mobile people who appreciate value in use yet do not forget about design. They are for people who are focused on achieving goals and have great fun at the same time.



Creating our solutions, we pay special attention to combining their value in use with modern design corresponding to current design trends and making our products not only useful and reliable, but also pleasing to the eye.

No matter if it is a power cable, a USB charger or a Power Bank device, our devices are refined and functional so as to best fulfil their tasks.


Our portfolio is constantly growing. Devices from the Home and Mobile segment constitute an important part of our offer. Solutions such as power banks, smartphone chargers, selfie sticks or a wide selection of charging and power cables of various standards included in our offer cause that almost every user will find an accessory for themselves.